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Important Delivery Information

Boat Shipping - Items

We will now give customers who use boat shipping a list of all boat boxes before they are sent out, listing the items contained in them.

You will have two days to check them, and they can give feedback during this time.

Splitting Sets

Items & Sets can be disassembled and sold separately but the packaging fee will increase by $2 each time. In addition to registering the split within the group, you must also remember when making up the balance.

Customs & Post Offices

After the package arrives in your country, you should actively cooperate with the customs & the post office for problems. If the package is destroyed due to the buyer's failure to pick up the package in time, the buyer is responsible for it.

Correct Address

The buyer is obliged to provide the correct address, because there is no way to change the address after the international package is sent, so if the package fails to be delivered, the buyer needs to be responsible.This means if you are buying for someone or you have moved home please let us know or you risk your parcel being lost.

Optimising Boat Packaging

The size of the box needed to ship on the boat is set by the company.

If you need to optimise shipping, you need a package of just the right size to fill the box.

Compensation for Damaged Items

Pokemon 1/20 is full of different studios producing figures in many great & different ways.

Some studios have very different packaging to each other. This means some studios figures are much more likely to break in shipping no matter how much we try improve the packaging, because of this we have come up with a solution.

As you can see below studios will be split into "Gears" from now on. Depending on a Studios history and the type of break you have experienced will determine your compensation from us.

(A refund % will be determined by the extent of the damage and the gear the studio falls under.)

  • 1st Gear

    These are studios that take extra care with packaging and very rarely experience breaks because of this we can offer a 100% refund in the unlikely scenario an item breaks in transit.

  • 2nd Gear

    These studios have experienced very few breaks and have fairly good package. This means if you experience a break we can offer you between 50 - 75% in refund.

  • 3rd Gear

    These studios have below average packaging and shipping. So much so that even our improvements to the shipping, a break remains possible. For this reason we won't be able to provide a full refund.

  • 4th Gear

    These are studios that have suffered a lot of breaks in the past. This means if you buy from them and do experience a break, we won't be able to provide a full refund.

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