Yeyu Mareep, Flaaffy,  Ampharos & Mega Ampharos Review

Yeyu Mareep, Flaaffy, Ampharos & Mega Ampharos Review

Yeyu Studio’s Mareep-line and Mega Ampharos set. Super cute sculpt and poses that capture these Pokémon perfectly. The translucent resin accents are quite the treat; the ones on Mega Ampharos remind me of popping boba (or salmon roe 🤣).

Colors feel very true to the original designs and the paint job is simple but overall very clean— the eyes on the figures are even impressively handpainted! Mega feels like an outlier where he’s the only one that has a few spots that are a tinge sloppy (i.e. neck rings plus the eyes look/feel a bit “gloppy”)… maybe he was assigned to a less experienced artist at the studio. 😅 His specific tail piece is magnetic and fins (for both Amphys) need a bit of a tack to secure. The main set has a few balancing issues: Flaaffy likes to waterslide out of her base and the stand to hold down Ampharos’ back end isn’t nearly heavy enough to stop him from faceplanting without a lot of patience— or again, tack. 🔵👌🏻

Yeyu posts some of the most attractive renders I’ve seen in this hobby and I really like how they appear to try to stay faithful to the source material while still exercising a little creativity. I’m very much looking forward to seeing their upcoming work on some of my favorite Pokémon (Alolan Sandslash and Breloom). ✨

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