CPP Voltorb & Electrode  Review

CPP Voltorb & Electrode Review

In terms of price, quality and presentation, the CPP Electrode set runs away with that distinction compared to the SXG Electrode and PD Electrode.

First, the price for the CPP Electrode is a Costco bargain. It is 3x cheaper than the PD Electrode while still having all of similar features that made PD Electrode one of the best figures in Scale World.

Second, the quality of CPP Electrode was surprising. It is heavier in weight than the PD Electrode, and the features are actually carved. Although the mouth may have been stickered on, that is hardly worth the drop in stars.

Third, the diorama presentation is electrifying. The electric base is solid, fun looking and very well made. The SXG and PD are millimeters bigger than the CPP Electrode, but they still manage to sit inside the electric base.

Last, but not least, the Voltorb has all of the same characteristics as the Electrode, but the only slight advantage is that the electric diorama piece fits perfectly with the SXG and PD Voltorb.

Overall, I am very happy with this solid shaped sphere and I hope other equally amazing figures will come from CPP studio.

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