Uing Studios Jenny Review

Uing Studios Jenny Review

Uing Jenny Review!

Buying from a new studio is always a risk but I feel like this one has paid off.

I will say right from the start I am very impressed with this figure. It scales well with already established studios such as TH, BQG and even Bandai.

It ships with a magnetic stand for the foot and with both arms detached. The arms plug into the body very well and have metal rods to help with the sturdiness of the figure. (The box includes tac in the box for the arms but I didn't need to use it)

The box isn't on the level of some of the nice boxes we have seen recently but I am happy it has a picture of the figure on the front to help keep track of which figure goes with which box.

This figure has made me more excited for Sabrina and even made me order Misty and Brock! If you haven't picked up a jenny yet I strongly advise you do. 5 ⭐️ from me!

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