Trainer House Studios Zubat, Golbat & Crobat Review

Trainer House Studios Zubat, Golbat & Crobat Review

The Good The Bat The Ugly

I'll start this review by saying this is my first Pokémon set from TH. I'm pleased with the set but it's by no means perfect. The package was very well secured and there was no damage to the figures. It took the parcel 10-11 days to arrive in the UK from China. 

The Box

I'm glad to see TH continue their tradition of having a unique box that shows what figures each box belongs to. While this may seem trivial, I think we collectors appreciate the small gesture.  

As you can see, the box did sustain some damage on route to the UK but, as previously mentioned, the figures were completely fine. 


I have very few complaints with the actual figure of Zubat. The paint is good and the resin feels strong. The wings come detached and are very easy to blue-tac or glue into place. 

My only real complaint with this figure is the stand. While Zubat sits in the stand well with the help of blue-tac, it's just way too low. When displayed with the other figures in my collection it appears as if Zubat is flying just above the ground. I feel that the addition of a flying stand would've been a big plus for this set. 


As with Zubat, the paint and resin on this figure are very good. Even the legs, which arrive detached, feel very sturdy for being such small parts. The wings also come detached and fit into place easily just as Zubat's do. 

I don't feel that Golbat needs a flight stand like Zubat does, because of its pose but it still would have been cool if one was included. 


Continuing with the theme, the painting and quality of the figure are strong. All four wings come detached and, despite being thin, they feel sturdy and at no point was I worried about breaking them. 
I feel that this style of stand would've been much more appropriate for the other two figures as they clearly show that the Pokémon are flying and in motion.

I would give this set overall: 8.5/10

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