Trainer House Studios Jenny Review

Trainer House Studios Jenny Review

TH Jenny review!

A couple of months ago I wrote a review on Uing Jenny, so I wanted to do TH too!

I described buying Uing Jenny a risk as it was from a new studio. On the other hand, this Jenny is from TH, one of the more established studios in this hobby, so I was taking less of a risk in my opinion.

I am very impressed with this Jenny, the bike comes in three parts: the two main bike body parts and the license plate. The two main body parts fit together with a solid magnet, which is a huge plus, and the license plate clips into the back very easily (Tac is provided but I didn't use it). Jenny herself ships in one piece but very safely. I also think Uing can be posed with the bike to provide variety.

Jenny herself has great face detail, great paint application and fits in great with other trainers from other studios. My one criticism of this figure is that the skin is slightly pale in my opinion. I have added images comparing it with BQG Misty and Uing Jenny's arm.

I think this was an ambitious project for TH to do, but one they delivered on. Overall, I think both Jennys are good additions and they make a great team together.

As with Uing Jenny 5 ⭐ from me!

Additional points - I believe TH trainer boxes are currently the best in the hobby! The bike comes with a stand but stands really well without it! 

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