Daiki Research Institute Larvitar, Pupitar & Tyranitar Review

Daiki Research Institute Larvitar, Pupitar & Tyranitar Review

Daiki Research Institute Studio’s Tyranitar-line. Comes in a really nice looking and well-packed box that houses even nicer-looking figures. Meticulously painted and the airbrushed shading and gradation reminds me of Trainer House. It does lean a little heavy, but I don’t think it’ll look out of place in even more minimalist collections, especially if you already own (or plan to own) several TH figures.

I’m particularly impressed with the consistent detail across this set. The Shadow Claw effects look genuinely wicked and the spines along Tyranitar’s back are *so* sharp (like stabby-stab puncture-wound level). Even the simpler sculpts of Pupitar and Larvitar look and feel refined in hand. Small thoughtful accents like glossy paint in spots like Tyranitar’s tongue are a really nice touch.

I normally hate solid-colored bases other than clear— enough that sometimes it makes or breaks my decision on picking up certain figures— but the stand for Pupitar is surprisingly a lot more palatable in person. There’s a hint of lustre to the the brown paint color that keeps the set cohesively expensive-looking. ✨

Final remarks on construction: Tyranitar comes with two pairs of interchangeable magnetic arms. While there’s an intended orientation for them (per the box image), the shape of their slots do allow you to play around quite a bit with their position. Happy Larvitar will not stand on his feet and inevitably falls back to lean on his tail; normal Larvitar doesn’t have this issue and balances well. This set also weighs a lot less than you’d expect, but the resin doesn’t necessarily feel fragile.

I’m honestly baffled that there is still stock on Jason’s website for such a high-quality (and sadly only) release from a studio I understand has since closed. I’d highly advise picking this set up before you can’t. 👍🏻

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