Comparison Arbok & Ekans from RX / XO Studios

Comparison Arbok & Ekans from RX / XO Studios

Here’s a comparison between the two Arbok-line sets I’ve picked up: RX on the left and XO on the right. I enjoy both for different reasons, though I think RX has the slightly superior set if push comes to shove.

XO has the obvious advantage of a *very* neat special effect (both halves are magnetized and adhere very well to the head) and a more detailed paint job (i.e. slight gradiation on Arbok’s body). I also love that they made the gums around Arbok’s fangs realistically protrude. In contrast, I think the Ekans in this same set is pretty forgettable; the little extra touches like the gold paint on the tip of the tail don’t actually really add anything in my opinion. Nothing bad to say here, but also nothing memorable.

There aren’t necessarily any surprises when it comes to RX’s version, but for being relatively simplistic-looking compared to some of their competitors, this studio really *does* shine when it comes to designing creative poses— and their Arbok-line is a great example of that. Both Ekans and Arbok are just a pleasure to look at and I had way more fun photographing these compared to XO’s. It does take a little bit to find Ekans’ sweet spot but he will balance as intended. I’ve also accidentally grabbed Arbok’s tongue a few times when intending to lift him by the head and that seemingly delicate piece is much more resilient than I would have thought. For a hobby that’s inevitably plagued with issues of breakage, I greatly appreciate that.

There’s also a few technical concerns on the finish for the XO set that dock a few points for me (though it’s possible I was just unlucky). Arbok’s back end was a little sticky and I had to carefully scrub some of the foam particles that had ended up adhering to the figure during transit. One of the special effect halves also isn’t consistently smooth on the backside and has a slight unfinished texture to it. Very minor grievances overall and hopefully it’s a one-off occurrence.

As a casual Arbok enjoyer, I’m very content with having acquired both these sets. I doubt I’d feel the need to pick up more unless if something truly exceptional-looking hit the market. 🐍

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