BQG Studios Koga & Crobat Review

BQG Studios Koga & Crobat Review

BQG Koga & Crobat

This just arrived today. Lots of cotton and seems to be pretty well packaged. I have yet to receive an SF express box that has any damage to it at all. This one took 8 days to get to me in Canada.

This set is full of magnets. Kogas standing support, crobats base, crobats wings, and the left side of it's belly. Kogas scarf does not have a magnet but seems to fit in fine. This set comes with sticky tack but it's not needed.

Crobat has quite curved wings which I really like. I didn't notice this detail in the pictures. Makes it seem like it's flying in. All the parts seem to fit well. Some of the wing parts need a bit of wiggling and the end caps have a bit of glue residue (likely for magnets). This might just be my set, comment below if yours is different.

Overall very impressed. I am only collecting kanto and was planning on selling crobat but it's such a good set it's hard to think about it now.

Also, note that crobat is a lot bigger than it looks in pictures. The curved wings are misleading in photos.

As expected a very nice set by BQG.

Highly recommend.

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