BF Dratini, Dragonair & Dragonite Review

BF Dratini, Dragonair & Dragonite Review

BF Studio’s Dragonite-line. I love the in-flight poses and Dragonair’s here is actually my favorite of any that have been released so far; she has a very realistic serpentine grace without feeling overly dramatized. I also prefer full eyes on Dragonite, so I’m very happy with his old-school look and shape. BF’s figures have a slight texture to them— a subtle “grip”— and their style of detailing separation (i.e. the segments on Dragonite’s belly) is reminiscent of PVC. As someone who really enjoys the feel of soft vinyl figures, I’m a fan.

Things I have mixed feelings about:

I’m 99% sure that the eyes are stickers. If so, the print quality is actually very good (I was initially impressed by the degree of detail before realizing how that was achieved) and they’re applied well. However in the few instances where you can tell they were re-adjusted, or don’t lie completely flush, does upset the illusion a little. I don’t mind the stickers too much, but I'm unsure if this would be the best direction for BF to go in. 💦

As much as I love the poses (and even the chunky stands!), the overall low height provides limited angles for this set to look its best.
Dratini is not well-balanced and faceplants with the slightest tremor. He needs a lot of patience (and a prayer) to stay upright or a little tack to the shelf.

While BQG’s version is ultimately superior, I still adore this set. It's different enough to have its own unique appeal and should be a definite candidate for anyone who collects Dragonite. I'm personally considering purchasing it in another color. ✨

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