ACE Bruno & Machamp Review

ACE Bruno & Machamp Review

So this is definitely my favourite ACE set. No magnets anywhere, the hole in the head is a bit bigger than the knob on the neck which allows you to turn Bruno's head. The details are great. I compared Bruno to BQG Lt. surge, I think they did Bruno better from muscle definition to face detail. Both great figures though.

ACE Machamp I assumed would be goofy as the proportions are overexaggerated. Turns out it's my favourite machamp. The weight to it, face detail, overall build quality...very impressed. I expected to replace it with MH or KING Machamp but not anymore.

I know most people should have this set by now but wanted to give everyone who doesn't have it an update if they so choose to chase it down.

So far my favorite BABP sets in order would be:

1. BQG Giovanni
2. ACE Bruno
3. BQG Koga
4. ACE Lance
5. BQG Lt. Surge
6. ACE Loreilei (doesn't stand well)

In terms of Pokemon:

1. BQG Persian
2. ACE Machamp
3. BQG Crobat (lots of magnets, great work)
4. BQG Electivire (probably the best done)
5. ACE Jynx
6. ACE Mega tyranitar (I just don't like megas 🤣).

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