ACE Blue & Arcanine Review

ACE Blue & Arcanine Review

SF Express 12 days to Canada. 

Happy to finally get this set in hand


I am really impressed with the paint and detail on the clothes. It goes really well with arcanine and is quite a show piece in the cabinet. 

The magnet stand is nice but not perfect as he is leaning on it which creates stability issues (as can kind of see in the video). The standing ability is better than ACE Loreilei for sure but not perfect. The pokeball that comes with him is the nicest ball I have. You need to gently push it into his hand and it will be tight. The difference in the heads is hairstyles.

The faces are nice but it requires sticky tack to put in. The sticky tack is a bit tricky as there is a deep tight crevice to put the tack in. Expect to use a paperclip or a push pin to modify sticky tack in the hole. I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of these aftermarket are glued (maybe they should have just done this, who cares about hairstyles 😜). Anyways really nice figure. 


Amazing. Not much to say about it. Great paint, good weight, good detail. I think it's the best arcanine out right now. King might have the best face or at least expression (in my opinion) but overall the paint and detail of ACE is just on another level.  

Overall really happy I got this set. Arcanine is a great showpiece and they go together quite well. I recommend 👍. 

Favourites updated: 


  1. BQG Giovanni
  2. ACE Bruno
  3. BQG Koga
  4. ACE Lance
  5. BQG Lt. Surge
  6. ACE Blue
  7. ACE Loreilei


  1. ACE Arcanine
  2. BQG Persian
  3. ACE Machamp
  4. BQG Crobat 
  5. BQG Electivire 
  6. ACE Jynx
  7. ACE mega tyranitar

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