ACE Agatha & Arbok Review

ACE Agatha & Arbok Review

The last character to be finished of the elite 4.

Quite a lovely set. Arbok is upright and looks very cobraish (or should I say Kobraish) like. The stand is a strong magnet and works as intended. It is required for arbok to stand. The ring leaves a bit of a mark on the tail if you play with it but can easily be rubbed off arboks paint. Tongue seems fragile so I handled it from the snakes hood.

Agathas stick touches the ground, it's fully functional. To my surprise the cane was glued to her hands. I figured this would be a magnet to avoid any unnecessary breaks. Hopefully everyone receives theirs okay. My Agatha is leaning a little bit, one of her feet is about a mm off. I only noticed when I had my camera up her nose. Easy fix though with a small little bit of putty (or don't fix, you will hardly be able to tell).

Overall I am happy with the set. It works, I love the arbok and that they made Agathas cane functional.

It's worth picking up.

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